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  Do you want to bring the worst luck to your enemy?  Do you want to get even with someone and give them bad luck?  This can be achieved with the give them bad luck revenge spell.  Once this black magick spell casting is completed, the spell energies are released to the universe to make them attract the worst luck possible.  The cycle of bad luck will continue until you decide to have the spell lifted off of your target.

 Please make sure they deserve what's coming to them.  This black magick revenge spell is very potent and will include a cloaking spell so that this magick casting cannot be lifted by anyone.  When you use our revenge spell castings you'll always get safe, fast and accurate results.  No harm will ever come to you when you use our revenge spell castings.  We always add an element of protection for the person who is ordering this service.  We can help you get the justice you deserve for any reason.  Although our revenge spell castings are very powerful, effective AND will bring your target to suffer greatly; they WILL NOT bring any physical hurt, harm OR death.  We do not cast spells for those purposes so please don't ask :)  The spells effects are very strong and are permanent.  If you want the spell lifted after you've decided that your intended target has suffered enough, all you need to do is contact Olivia and let her know.  If you have any questions regarding this spell or any of the other magick spell castings we offer you can Contact Olivia for a free consultation.  Consults are private, free and no obligation to buy!

  Give Them Bad Luck - If you want your target for revenge to suffer with extreme bad luck this is the correct black magick spell casting to place upon them.  If you want to have your enemy experience bad luck within every aspect of their life this spell will bring on a vicious cycle of never ending bad luck.  Everything will go extremely wrong with this spell casting once the energies are released to work on your target.  Please make sure they deserve what's coming to them.  This black magick revenge spell is very potent and will include a cloaking spell so that this magick casting cannot be lifted by anyone.  Once you decide that your target of misery has suffered enough the spell can be lifted.  You can contact Olivia for a reversal and the magick will be lifted off of them and allow the flow of positive energies again.       

   We offer 3 Power Levels for any situation.  Depending on the complexity of your case will determine the power level that should be used.  All levels are very powerful however the higher level spell castings will produce faster and more direct spell energy to your situation.  This in return brings the fastest results to resolve your problem.  If you have any questions about this spell, please Contact Us.

Give Them Bad Luck Revenge Spell

Power Level 1

This month only: $65

Give Them Bad Luck Revenge Spell

Power Level 2

This month only: $95

Customized Give Them Bad Luck Revenge Spell

Power Level 3

This month only: $165

  Once you place your order for your magick spell casting please Email Olivia with the following information as soon as possible so she can cast your spells:

  Your full name, date of birth, city you live in.  Name of person and/or people you wish to include in your magick spell casting.  Any photos you want us to use in your magick spell casting.  What FREE SPELL you want of equal value.  Please email this information to Olivia at: 

  We cast your spell and include all the materials used in your spell casting.  We use only the purest magick and most potent combination of ingredients such as crystals, candles and potions to ensure your magick spell casting is 100% successful.

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